Diamond microdermabrasion

Skin cells are renewed in a regular cycle. This ability decreases with increasing age. The result is a deterioration in the skin texture, due to the fact that no new cells are formed. To achieve an improved skin texture, the dead skin particles need to be exfoliated.
With diamond microdermabrasion, the upper skin layers are exfoliated in a gentle and pain-free way. It stimulates natural skin regeneration and visibly improves the skin texture.
The aim is younger-looking skin, a reduction in wrinkle-depth and refined pores.

These are the main effects of diamond microdermabrasion on the skin:
- gentle and pain-free removal of dead skin cells
- stimulation of the cell renewal process
- the best possible preparation of the skin for the subsequent application of highly-effective active ingredients and skin-care products

By applying this gentle and controlled peeling the following results, amongst others, can be achieved: 
- alleviation of pigmentation disorder
- fewer age spots
- treatment of large-pored, impure skin
- reduction in mimic lines
- reduction in cellulite and stretch marks
- refining of the skin texture
- stimulation of the cell renewal process

Individual treatment 60€
 A course of 3 Treatments 150€